Executive Board

A message from our President:

OWHC is a warm, welcoming place that has extended its open arms to our families for many years now. It is our distinct honor to serve as your Presidents. Our Rabbi, Cantor and professional staff create a special environment that allows members to connect as a community while obtaining a true sense of spiritual fulfillment. We welcome you to come take a look and see how this unique place may also become a second home for you and your family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally. We are sure that you will find it just as warm and inviting as we do.

-Tom Czik

President - 
Tom Czik: president@owhc.org

Executive Vice President- Matthew J. Feinexecvp@owhc.org

Chairs of the Board- Allan Bloom & Rachel Sands: chair@owhc.org

Vice Presidents, Cultural Affairs: Richard Navon & Stacey R. Siegel: culturalaffairs@owhc.org

Vice Presidents, Education–Randi Pergament & Stefanie Fox: bdofed@owhc.org

Vice President, Fundraising – Stewart Senter: fundraising@owhc.org

Vice Presidents, Membership – Elissa Tauber, Jen Bailey & Nicole Meyer: membership@owhc.org

Vice Presidents, Religious Affairs – Jordan Pritzker & Allan Pullinminyan@owhc.org

Financial Secretary - Joshua Ratner: finance@owhc.org

Recording Secretary - Natalie Miller: records@owhc.org

Treasurer - Ben Tabar: treasurer@owhc.org