The OWHC Sisterhood exists to facilitate, encourage and support Women’s involvement and furtherance of education at our Synagogue and in the community at large as well as providing funds and support to other parts of OWHC and outside organizations.

Sisterhood provides a forum for new and existing members to meet women and become more connected through common interests. Our intent is to foster community and friendship throughout the women of our temple.

Funds which are derived from dues and fund raising, are used for subsidizing Adult Education, as well as providing educational materials for the Religious School and other Synagogue needs and programs. The Sisterhood provides gifts for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Students and Bimah Flowers and sponsors Shabbat Kiddushes when needed.

Programs, fundraisers and events include: Lunch and Learn, Games Day, Book Club, Jewish New Years Card Orders, Purim Cards, Sisterhood Dinner, Sisterhood Shabbat, Boutique events and holiday educational programming throughout the year.

There are many opportunities for women to take part and help out at our Sisterhood events and programs. We are always looking for feedback, new ideas and suggestions. We hope to see our Sisterhood continue to support and increase it’s involvement in the life of our congregation and Synagogue.

Please contact our Sisterhood President Linda Sussman or leave a note in the Sisterhood box to let us know if we can count on you and what you would like to do.

Sisterhood Past Presidents

Dorothy Amcher; Myra Mackler; Toby Stubenhaus; Sophie Neidell; Edna Tear; Belle Lipsky; Sylvia Friedman; Bernice Friedman; Ann Ellison; Alma Seelig; Florence Jacobson; Shirley Reider; Roslyn Rosenblum; Florence Goldberg; Bunny Geller; Mary Cobert; Renee Mordfin; Vivian Taragan; Suzanne Price; Blanche Jaffe; Phyllis Annunziato; Susan Prager; Linda Fremder; Dianne Polan; Diane J. Kremin; Helene Levine; Dayle Katz & Lois Kirschenbaum; Susan Goldman & Dalia Jacobs; Adele Gewirtz & Sue Lippe; Robin Katz & Sandra Javaheri; Fran Lipson & Dalia Jacobs; Billee Spodek & Dalia Jacobs; Dalia Jacobs; Bryna Steinberg, Estee Kriheli & Shari Navon. Paula Weinstein, Amy Greenblatt, Ellen Sontag.