Early dismissals are discouraged. If it is necessary for a student to leave school early, please send a note to the Religious School office stating the reason the student needs to leave. Come to the Religious/Hebrew School office to sign your child out.

Students will be brought down to the school office and dismissed from there; please do not go to your child’s classroom.

To avoid repeated interruptions of instruction, there cannot be early pickups during the last fifteen minutes of school unless it is an extreme emergency.

For the safety of our students:

  • No student should be asked to meet the parent outside the school.
  • No student will be allowed to leave early with another student without a note from his or her parent.

In accordance with regulations, the road by the school wing entrance has been painted showing Fire Zone/ No Parking and a Drop off only area. BY LAW we are required to have a designated FIRE ZONE. We cannot park or stand in a Fire Zone. If you are planning to come into the building you must park in the parking lot. We cannot park along the island in the middle of the road, in the FIRE ZONE area.


All Pick-ups will be at the South (Playground side) Entrance

When entering the Temple driveway, turn to the RIGHT

At 5:45 pm for Gan (Kindergarten) and 6:00 pm for Aleph (1st Gr):

Park in parking lot, come into the lobby to get children.

At 6:30 pm for Bet-Gesher (2nd-7th grades) and Play & Stay:

  1. To pick up your child / carpool after school, park alongside the curb. STAY IN or NEXT TO your car. Shut off your vehicle.
  2. Line up and allow the line to wrap towards the back of the parking lot. Students will be escorted out to the vehicles at 6:30.
  3. As with our usual rules. Do not start your vehicle until all students are safely inside the vehicles and the teachers indicate it is safe to drive. Stay in line.
  4. When dismissal works properly, it will only take 5 minutes.

Saving a minute is not worth endangering any of our students or staff.

Please watch for and obey the traffic signs that are around the synagogue property and the instructions of the religious school teachers.


  • If a person other than a parent (or the regular car pool) is to pick up a child, a letter from the parent is required AND the person must have acceptable identification, (i.e. Driver’s License).
  • Any child not picked up within 10 minutes of dismissal time will be brought to the Religious School office to wait for his or her ride.
  • If you are going to be late in picking up your child/ carpool, please call the Religious School office. (516) 333-7977 ext. 15


Carpool/ PICK UP information

Name Grade

Student _______________________________________________ ___________________

Sibling(s) _______________________________________________ ___________________

_______________________________________________ ___________________

Other Carpoolers _______________________________________________ ___________________

_______________________________________________ ___________________

_______________________________________________ ___________________

Other carpool drivers: (please include name and phone number)

_________________________ _______________

_________________________ _______________

_________________________ _______________