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OWHC has always been a community of Doers, Donors and Daveners. Israel needs support from the Diaspora more than ever. It is our job to perform acts of caring and kindness to counter the barbarism, cruelty and devastation inflicted upon our homeland and kin by Hamas.  Here are ways that you can help:
DO: Write to your Congressmen and Senators.
DONATE: Donors can give to the following organizations IN ISRAEL, organizations that are providing direct support to victims, survivors and soldiers.
DAVEN: To our daveners, please pray. Choose a section in the Torah and study. Be a proud Jew.
If you need support at this difficult time, Rabbi Stanger and Cantor Karavani are available. Counseling is available through the Sid Jacobson JCC, and Northwell Health has published resources for children, parents, veterans and families.

Support IDF!



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Please make your Kol Nidre Pledge! 
All pledge increases from past donors as well as donations from new donors are being matched. We need your help!


Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784