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 וַאֲנִי תְפִלָּתִי לְךָ יְהוָה עֵת רָצוֹן אֱלֹקִים בְּרָב חַסְדֶּךָ עֲנֵנִי בֶּאֱמֶת יִשְׁעֶך

I offer my prayer to You, Adonai, at this time of grace. In Your abundant mercy answer me with Your saving truth.

Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation - OWHC - is an Egalitarian Conservative minyan.
Participation by community members of all ages is strongly encouraged! 

Weekday morning minyan take place at 8:30am each morning. 
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Weekday evening minyan takes place at 6:15pm every evening. 
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Shabbat Services 
Friday - 6:30pm
Saturday Morning - 9:30am
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Friday Night Prayer Book
Saturday Morning Prayer Book

Mon, January 18 2021 5 Shevat 5781