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Tzedakah and acts of kindness are the equivalent of all the mitzvot of the Torah
Jerusalem Talmud, Pe'ah 1:1.

Here at OWHC, Giving Tuesday is the kickoff to our month of giving.
Below, please find all the different ways you can help in our efforts.


(Tag Your Mitzvah OWHC)

Giving back is not just about tzedakah, it is also about kindness and performing mitzvot.  The idea is for Adults and Children to perform mitzvot, either from the list below, or ones they come up with on their own, snap a selfie, and upload it to our Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag #tagyourmitzvahowhc.

  • Participate in a clothing drive
  • Participate in a food drive 
  • Send greeting cards to seniors living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.  
    • You can send them directly or drop them off at the synagogue office.  
    • If you prefer to send an "e- greeting", feel free to mail it to
  • Make your own Tzedakah Box - click here to learn how and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

Shop With Scrip

Just by doing your everyday shopping, you can help raise money for the synagogue. Follow the steps below to see how. 

  1. Click the image above.
  2. Join an existing program and enter enrollment code 4AB5E6D875263 to create your account.
  3. Start to shop for gift cards - shop for the stores you normally shop in and for gifts for the holiday season.
  4. A percentage of every gift card purchase comes back to the synagogue. 

The chart below depicts how a family of 4 can help raise over $1,000 just by purchasing gift cards for their monthly spending.

For more information, or for any questions or concerns, please contact the office



Tue, May 11 2021 29 Iyyar 5781